Feedback and Reviews about the School From Parents

Here we share some of the wonderful experiences (by Parents) about Sindhu School 

Parents 1

 I would literally talk for hours when it comes to Sindhu Nursery & Primary School. My daughter (Name) has wonderfully bloomed at the Nursery. She is growing into a strong independent, free-thinking child. We put much of this down to the care and attention that she has received at the Nursery. A big thanks to the management & the teachers for taking immense care and making my little wonder feel at home.

Parents 2

Sindhu school has been one of the leading institutions in and around Dharapuram for so long now. At the back of excellent infrastructure, the school is committed to providing a world-class education to all. Their experienced teachers’ crew is something that I would highly rate, they also offer a special care to the slow learners and motivate them to progress forward. I would highly rate & also strongly recommend Sindhu school for its services. 

Parents 3

My child enjoys going to school, he’s excited about learning new topics. And this was exactly what I expected from an institution to offer. My experience with Sindhu school is pretty good. As a parent, I have found the staff very friendly and approachable. I particularly want to mention Mr.V.G Suresh Kumar who strongly impressed me by his ability to address concerns and also provide appropriate solutions to the parents in guiding the children through the right course. 

Parents 4

I am so glad in voicing my opinion about Sindhu Mat. Hr. Sec School as it has offered my son (L.Akshay) a whole new dimension to learning. The quality of education & the amount of care that this school ensures is unmatchable. I have truly noticed a great level of confidence build-up in my son with regards to personality improvement & discipline as well. Their keen interest in character building is something that I always admire.

Parents 5

I wonder how a school can change the shape of a child in such a short time. Not just with my child; but even as a parent the school has earned me a lot of respect from the society that my child dwells. The behavioral aspects & social grooming, the school inculcates all these qualities to mould a better individual. As a parent, I found it worthy of the money that I had spent on his education. I am greatly thankful to the Headmaster, and Teachers.

Parents 6

The advanced teaching methods that the school adopts makes it easy for the students to innovate new ideas. The school leaves no stone unturned to nurture the kids with the utmost care and provide them all support. The importance that the school offers to the extracurricular activities is proof of their vision – learning beyond books. Am glad that my daughter is a proud student of Sindhu schools.