Sindhu sainik school club activities in Dharapuram Tamilnadu

Sindhu Sainik School offers a wide range of exclusive club activities for our students to develop their creative and interpersonal skills. Our Sindhu sainik school club activities in Dharapuram Tamilnadu motivates, challenge and stimulate every child of our school. Students of our school are groomed and channeled into their field of interest through the diverse sporting and non-sporting clubs open for them. Some of the engaging clubs in which our students actively participate are briefed below. In addition to these, we also have a Science club, Vedic Maths Club, and Trekking Club to provide greater scope for experimenting.

The school also greatly supports science exhibitions and science club activities, as we believe innovation is the key to unlock new opportunities. Vedic Mathematics coaching is more than just a club activity at Sindhu; we constantly encourage all of our students to seek new learning techniques to enhance their skills.


1. Tamilkalai Mandram :

The Tamilkalai Mandram in our school promotes TAMIL in the campus and also in the society too. The club conducts “TAMIL LITERARY EVENTS, LITERARY MEETINGS and SEMINARS” periodically and in the school functions.

2. Communicative and Literary Club:

Communicative and literary club aims to foster love for language by enhancing literary creativity and provides an avenue for self-expression beyond the regular curriculum. The club unites the student’s communication and practices it regularly.

3. Art and Craft Club:

Arts and Craft club is a fun way for students to learn about making household objects into works of art. The activities are easy, though provoking and educational. Crafts explores themes such as Culture, Science and Math. All the activities in the club encourage the students to share their art work with the society.


4. Culturals Club:

Students have imparted training in Indian as well as Western music and instruments like Veena, Mridhagam and Tabela for Eastern music and Guitar, Violin, Piano, Keyboard and drums for Western. Students also get training to render eastern and western musical competitions during their sessions.

5. Monolisa (Drawing & Painting Club) :

The artistic talents of our students are nurtured through meticulously planned activities. Painting, Drawing and Clay Modeling are some of the activities that our children are engaged in.


6. Maths Club :

The Maths Club is created to sensitize children about the subject and latest development taking place in the place of Modern Mathematics. The clubs aims to develop mechanical skills and application of the subject in everyday life. The club organized several competitions, Seminars and Mind Blogging Quizzes.


7. Science Club :

Students of our school benefits a lot form this club because of the opportunities of Experimentation, Observation and Analysis that go beyond the classroom. Every year, a science Exhibition is held which is enriched with the efficiency of our young scientists.

8. Business Club :

Our schools Business Club normally meets once per week and can cover a variety of subjects from Accounting and Marketing.This helps the students to learn everything about Business and to make them a successful Businessman.

9. Club for Photography :

The photography Club aims to develop the Technical,Artistic,Observational and Team building skills of the members.


10. Travellers Club & Trekking Club :

The Travellers Club in our school works to direct the students towards travel and exploration, building up friendship and cordially among the students and providing necessary knowledge to minimize its adverse effects.