Best Labs & Library Facilities

We at Sindhu firmly believe in the method of conceptual learning. And to aid this methodology of learning structure, we have the best labs and library facilities to encourage the children to go beyond books & dwell in the practical implementations of concepts.  Our world-class structure has also paved for this by setting up individual laboratories with state-of-the-art facilities and safety measures.

The students are completely provided with an innovation space wherein they can learn beyond boundaries and excel beyond theories. We also have skilled technical experts for each laboratory to aid the students in the learning process & to guide them to explore more.

We have the best labs and library facilities amongst the Schools in Tamilnadu.

The five advanced & best lab facilities that we currently have in place are:

  1. Computer Lab
  1. Physics Lab
  1. Chemistry Lab
  1. Biology Lab
  1. Language Lab


Computer Lab

We are equipped with one of the most sophisticated computer laboratories which include optic fibre optic enabled – centralised internet facility with a high-speed internet connection. We also have the most modern Computers that are in line with the latest technical specifications to help the students to adapt to modern technologies. We also have diverse software packages (word processing, coding software, animation), and digital learning aids pre-installed to make the learning process a bit more easier. Thus it is evident that Sindhus Schools’ is equipped with the best computer lab facilities for advanced learning.

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Physics Lab


Our Physics Lab was completely devised based on the principles of scientific enquiry. We wanted our physics laboratory to stand out from the common labs that have limited scope to innovate. Our state-of-the-art laboratory is quite spacious with proper ventilation measures to ensure that the students are pretty comfortable while performing their experiments. The lab is equipped with the most modern & accurate instruments & apparatus to offer a virtual experience for the students.

Chemistry Lab

We believe Chemistry is a discipline based on observation. On aligning to this statement, we have a well-structured laboratory that is on par with the international standards. This ultra-modern laboratory is more than just a space for experiments, this is the platform where scientists are groomed. The lab adheres to all statutory norms and safety standards to offer a hassle-free experience to the students. The lab is also provisioned with the modern experimenting devices, kits, and apparatus. Therefore, we promise the best lab facilities for our students to make their learning process easier.


Biology Lab


The biological world is magic that needs to be witnessed. This is, in fact, an environment where the eco-system is completely figured out. The lab is innovatively designed to spark interests amongst the students to explore more about the biological existence of living & non-living things. From preserved specimens, visual charts to modern microscopes and measuring devices – the lab opens up a whole new world. This laboratory also has a set of guidelines to be adhered to by the students to ensure safe-experimentation.

English Lab Activities

The English Language lab is something that you don’t quite often found in all schools. But here in Sindhu, we comprehend that this as one of the most pivotal labs that would help the students to enhance their communication skills & their knowledge over the English language. This computer-based lab helps in improving listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills. The English language lab also accounts for various language lab activities to enhance the communicative skills of the students and make them confident speakers. We have a specially dedicated team to conduct diverse English language lab activities and constantly evaluate the performance of the students and help them better their English speaking skills. The lab is equipped with visual smart boards, appropriate software, and modern media devices to ensure a joyful learning experience.




Books are always the best friends to human minds, they are special. We always believe a Library is a knowledge tool that would help students grow into better individuals. As a result of this, we are blessed with a wonderful learning environment that is much more than a library. The library is more of a self-education where students themselves get to know about lessons and theories in a more detailed structure. Our library doesn’t just meet the educational requirements, we also have a wide array of fictional and non-fictional books.

We also have biographies, novels, poetry books, craft books, and a lot more to the long list. We also promote independent reading skills amongst the students to better understand the importance of books. Equipped with state-of-the-art facilities, we have skilled and enthusiastic library staff to guide and help the students.