The word “LIBRARY” is rich in tradition, meaning and usage. Our school library provides information, inculcates ideas and develops knowledge that is so essential to functioning successfully in today’s information and knowledge based society.

Our goal is to ensure that all the members of our school community have equitable access into books and reading to information and to information technology.


    Our labs are always open for students. They can be booked out for teaching and for the students to perform. We have four labs that specially works for all our students.

  1. Computer Lab
  2. Physics Lab
  3. Chemistry Lab
  4. Biology Lab

Computer Lab

Sindhu School has sophisticated central instructional computer facilities which include the state-of-the art computers connected over a network to our lab and offices.Our lab has high speed internet connection, Ethernet network. We offer a wide array of software including the latest packages for word processing, desktop publishing and other applications.

Physics Lab

Our Physics laboratory is based on the principles of scientific enquiry. This means that the students will be involved in formulating the problem and devising the experiment.

The following are the things that a student will be doing in a typical laboratory

  • Identifying problem and Investigating them.
  • Devising problems and Investigating them.
  • Communicating results.
  • Working in teams.
  • Finding out results perfectly.

Chemistry Lab

Chemistry” is a discipline based on observation. In lecture, The students will learn the principles and theories that, to date, best explain and the observation that have accumulated.

We have experienced teachers to train the students by teaching the following

  • Safety Guidelines
  • Basic Laboratory procedures
  • Finding out the problem
  • Making Solutions

This helps the students of X XI and XII standard students to achieve their full marks in their practical’s.

Biology Lab

Sindhu School has well equipped Biology laboratory that ensure the students to improve the grasping knowledge about the Human body and the total minute infra structure of plants and animals.