Best NEET IIT JEE coaching centre in Dharapuram Tamilnadu

Best NEET IIT JEE coaching centre in Dharapuram Tamilnadu

Higher Secondary Education is without doubts an integral part of the Students lifecycle. The two pivotal years of Educations paves the way to explore their area of interests and helps in the transition from a Student to a Responsible Individual. We at Sindhu provide extensive care and coaching to the +1 and +2 classes alongside offering special Coaching Classes under the guidance of experienced teachers who have 30+ years of experience.

In addition to the curriculum-based training, we also aid the students with NEET, IIT-JEE Coaching to well prepare them for the competitive exams. We are one of the best NEET IITJEE coaching centre in Dharapuram Tamilnadu which offers quality NEET IIT JEE coaching with lowest fees structure. We ensure that none of our Higher Secondary Students would require any special private tuitions, as the school is completely responsible for providing the best of quality education and care to the students.


We make sure that the NEET / IIT-JEE/ CA- Foundation coaching is provided to the students in parallel with the regular syllabus to give them a holistic view of both. We offer free guide books for NEET IIT JEE  and coaching materials to the students throughout the training period as to ensure that they are provisioned with all the necessary study (NEET IIT JEE) materials for an effortless learning process.


In addition to the Special Coaching Classes, we also conduct regular slip tests to ensure the Students are up-to-date with the syllabus and are well-trained to encounter the board examinations. We also have in place Cut-Off based coaching, Mark-Based Tests, Supervised Study Hours, and Counselling Sessions to take good care of the Children. The periodic PTA meetings and evaluation meetings will help you (parents) to evaluate your child’s growth and performance. Individual care will be provided to the slow learners to keep them motivated and stay ahead in the race to excel as outstanding performers. So, be a part of SINDHU (Best NEET IIT JEE Coaching Centre in Dharapurm Tamilnadu) – We offer Quality Education and Care. 


So, SINDHU is not just about EDUCATION but a lot more of what today’s SOCIETY demands from a RESPONSIBLE INDIVIDUAL.

Admission For 2021 – 2022 Is Currently going on

  • Special Coaching Classes by 30 years experienced Teachers in Morning (7.45 to 9.00) and Evening (4.30 to 6.30pm)
  • No need for private tuitions
  • Slip tests based on syllabus.
  • Mark Based Tests
  • Physics, chemistry, Maths & Biology cut-off based coaching
  • Performance & Progress of the students are intimated to parents every 15 days once.
  • Teaching & Coaching as simultaneous process
  • Individual care to slow learners.
  • Daily Test, Immediate valuation and counseling to students
  • Supervised study in hostel
  • Parents can directly share their views with teachers during parents meeting.
  • NEET Coaching/ IIT-JEE/ CA- Foundation coaching along with Regular Syllabus